Friday, March 15, 2013

Life "March-es" On

new iris growth
Spring is just around the corner. My iris are sending up new growth. The peony has gorgeous burgundy shoots popping out and the mint is greening up under its winter mulch of leaves. Before we know it, the fruit trees will be in bloom.
We've had a mild winter here in this part of Colorado. The majority of our snow (and there hasn't been that much!) has arrived, and melted, just in the past few weeks. And unless we get frequent Spring rains, the coming Summer will be another dry one! Many cities are already speaking of extreme water conservation measures. I think I need to brush up on how to do a 'rain dance' !

new peony shoots
February was a rough month for us. We were all stricken with the norovirus flu. One at a time. This flu was not to be taken lightly! It laid Hubby up for a week. I wasn't affected as seriously as everyone else. For which I am very thankful. I do believe that my daily serving of yogurt made all the difference between me being the nurse or the patient.
Life has settled into a somewhat comfortable, but albeit shallow, rut. Hubby and I have adjusted to living with four small children (our Grands). And our daughter is adjusting well to life as a single mother. Should a problem arise, we all jump in to tackle it. Our first challenge was our oldest Grand-daughter, who is ADD. Not being a fan of medication, we did a lot of research and with a change in diet - more protein, less processed - and some behavior modification, we were able to 'calm down' some of her 'unbridled energy'.

Front Yard blanketed with February snow
Hubby and I are still searching for our bit of Colorado heaven. And I do believe we are getting closer with every piece of property we look at. Soon. Very soon.
I am still working on a craft show list to post in my sidebar. I have been working on a few artsy projects despite all the interruptions. But not enough 'ART" to satisfy my urges. So I think I will double my efforts on unleashing those creative juices. Especially because I'll be starting school next month and my time may be limited.

December wreath covered with February snow
But stay tuned for next week's post on school and the theme for this summer's weekend excursions!

Oh, I forgot to tell you....there is a new grandbaby on the way! The lovely couple who got married last July (Click here to read about them!) are expecting a baby at the end of September. 

Before I leave you, I'd like to ask all my readers to keep a Blogging Friend, Robin Larkspur, in your thoughts and prayers. Her husband is currently in the hospital recovering from surgery and he is having a tough time of it. They both can use your healing thoughts and energy.

Lazy Sunday Afternoon


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sounds like you've got a lot on the go! Yes, I was very worried to read Robin's post about her husband. May all go well!

Mother Moon said...

love the signs of spring... even when they are peeking out from under snow... blessings

Dede said...

So glad that you were able to get the energy harnessed with your grand daughter. Kudos to you for not using meds on a child. Looking forward to hearing about your school next week! Sounds like fun! Wishing you a day filled with sunshine!


Justine's Halloween said...

You're lucky to be rid of that snow! It's still full on winter in Wisconsin. Ugh. What a pain for you to all have the flu! I bet you're right about not getting it so bad because of your diet. Speaking of diet, I agree with Dede. Good job thinking of some medication alternatives! Congrats on the new baby. :)