Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Weird Wednesday ~ Solar Flares & Humans

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A solar flare is a magnet storm on the Sun which releases huge amounts of high energy particles into space. These particles can impact Earth and the Life on it.
Solar Flares and Photon Waves have a powerful effect on Humans at the cellular level. Human's lower emotions (sadness, grief, anger) are low frequency energy stored in cells. Photon energy is a much higher frequency energy that pulls up the lower emotional frequency so it can be calibrated to the higher frequency. Humans find themselves releasing these lower emotions of sadness and grief without knowing why. We begin to remember our soul's purpose and are pulled to make changes in our lives.
This high frequency energy has the ability to help manifest our thoughts. So it is of utmost importance that we think about what we want rather than what we don't want. Solar Flares can break apart old thought patterns so new ones can emerge.


Deborah Adams said...

Outstanding post Jeanne! Have you been feeling the effects? I know I certainly have! Hope your year is going well so far. ~ Deb

Introverted Art said...

I just saw a special about solar flares yesterday... so amazing.