Thursday, November 15, 2012


Mandragora Americanus


Mandragora Americanus, commonly known as American Mandrake, is found throughout the Americas. It can be found in the deeper recesses of forests and woodlands, most commonly near Faerie Rings. The species found in warmer climates can grow to a height of approx. three feet and is known for its vigorous habits. The species found in colder climates will only grow to twelve or eighteen inches in height and will become dormant during winter months.

Mandrake is endowed with mysterious powers against demoniacal possession. The Mandrake can be poisonous if ingested in large amounts. Only those experienced in the preparation and dosing of mandrake should administer!

Your potted Mandrake will like filtered light and sparse feeding and watering. DO  NOT  RE-POT!  Transplanting MUST only be done by an expert. No matter how much your Mandrake protests, it will be fine in the pot it is in for many years to come! If given ample room for their roots, Mandrake plants have been known to RUN!

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Lovely! His leaves are very attractive too.

magikalseasons said...

Magical Mandrake! Love em!:)

mrsduncanmahogany said...

Quite the face on Mr. Mandrake! Love the look though!

Robin Larkspur said...

I wouldn't touch a mandrake with a ten-foot pole!!

Pumpkin Cottage said...

Fantastic! You've captured the essence of the mythical Mandrake for sure!