Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Weird Wednesday ~ SLIders & Vibrational Frequency pt.3

This is the final installment about the phenomenon referred to as SLI.
Many theories abound as to why SLI occurs. But there does seem to be a common theme among the theories - energy and electrical energy.

Everyone and everything in the Universe is made up of energy - energy that vibrates at a specific frequency for each individual thing (animate or inanimate). Most humans vibrate at 8 cycles per second which is the same vibrational frequency as the Earth. When a person's vibrational frequency goes above or below the level of the Earth, then strange phenomenon begins to occur to or around that person (SLI).
Extreme emotional states can cause a person's vibrational frequency to become abnormal. But there are many people whose "normal" vibrational frequency is above the norm of 8 cycles per second. These people are able to not only transmit their electrical energy but also receive electrical energy. Quite often these high frequency people have unusual abilities and are psychics, shamans, healers or sensitives. They are able to tap into the vibrational frequency of other people to help heal, utilize the vibrational frequency of inanimate objects to cause things to happen, or tap into the vibrational frequencies of the Universe to see into the future, sense ghosts or even communicate with the deceased.

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Robin Larkspur said...

Great series, Jeanne. And makes me want to sing the Beach Boys song:
Good, good, good, good vibrations!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

There's still so much we don't understand about so many things! Interesting series -- thanks!

mrsduncanmahogany said...

This is fascinating stuff! I for one am a believer of energy! I am a student of Reiki and the energy that abounds from that is amazing!

Introverted Art said...

Love the series Jeanne. The world is filled with things we can't explain and maybe who know one day...