Friday, August 5, 2011

Tooth Fairy Feels Economic Pinch

The economy is so tough that it has taken a bite out of what kids get for losing teeth.
Compared with a year ago, youngsters reaching under their pillows have found an average of 40 cents less per tooth, according to a recent Visa Inc. survey.
The going rate nationally per tooth is down to $2.60 from $3.
The amount shelled out varies in different areas of the country. The Tooth Fairy largess is up in the West, where the average reimbursement per tooth rose to $2.80 from last year's $2.70.
In other areas of the nation, getting money out of the Tooth Fairy is like pulling teeth. The average payout in the East is $2.10, down 38 percent from $3.40 in 2010; the South, $2.60, down 21 percent from last year's average of $3.30; and the Midwest, $2.80, down 3 percent from 2010's $2.90.


Anonymous said...

Even the tooth fairy has to watch the pennies ; )
She doesn't have to give her money in The Netherlands though, she doesn't visit here.
Have a magical day.

Robin Larkspur said...

And I thought getting fifty cents was a lot back when I was a kid. I think the Tooth Fairy brought a dollar to my kids. Sometimes two dollars when the Tooth Fairy and Partner thought the other forgot.

Suzie said...

First off. .did you capture that Faerie's likeness in an illustration? It is delightful! You should do more!

I can understand that times are tough for Faeries too. .look at what the heat and drought is doing to their habitats!

But I can't imagine the Tooth Faerie carrying odd amounts of change around with her, poor little thing! And different amounts for different children? I don't think so! Who came up with these numbers, anyway? A "Suit", that's who. .if the parents aren't already worrying enough about the economy, let's come up with something to make their little ones worry, too, so that we can have our moment of media spotlight. The next thing, they'll be suggesting that the Tooth Faerie leave gold dust instead of Faerie Dust. Shame on the Suits!

When I lost a tooth (back in the "old days"), the Tooth Faerie left me a shiny silver dollar! To me, they weren't ordinary money, but magical, and I never spent a one. In fact, I still have them! She left shiny silver dollars for my kids too. I wonder if the Tooth Faerie can even find Silver Dollars anymore?

Jeanne said...

The Tooth Faery brings the Grandkids a $2 bill for their lost tooth. My kids got a dollar for each of their teeth. How times have changed...

Moncha ~ No Tooth Faery in the Netherlands? Oh No!! Is there another tradition that is followed for the lost teeth?

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Have you ever wondered what the Tooth Fairy does with all those teeth? Hmmmm. Hope it's nothing creepy.

Róisín said...

This is both hilarious and quite sad in equal measure! I do agree that children were getting a bit too spoilt by the tooth fairy recently though. I suppose she got as carried away during the good times as everyone else!