Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bee Update

First, I would like to say Thank You to everyone who commented on my post last week about Bees. The input provided was most enlightening. My little friends continue to visit me while I work outside. They have now been joined by the occasional Bumble Bee.

I didn't know what to think when they first started showing up. I ruled out the need for water (in 110+ deg temperatures, a person does have a tendency to sweat a bit!) since I have a small ornamental pond in our courtyard and there is a larger pond about 50 yards from the house. (Bees use water to help cool the Hive in hot weather as well as to thin out honey so it might be fed to larva)
Someone suggested to me that the Bees could be attracted to my pheromones. And this could very well be, though I'm not sure about the chemistry between Bees and a person's pheromones. That is something I must delve into when time allows. And no I haven't been wearing perfume or deodorant (I know, I know.... but when you are by yourself and sweating like Niagara Falls, deodorant is the last thing on a person's mind!)

After reading and pondering, I feel that the Bees are telling me several things....
  • That all my efforts - all the painting done on the house, all the boxes packed, all the weeks spent alone while Hubby was attending school and doing homework will pay off. That I will soon be able to enjoy the 'fruits' of my labors.   
  • The Bee encounters at the new House are also a sign that those 'frutis' await us - that the hard work that Hubby and our youngest son have done on the new place will pay off in the end. And soon We will all be able to sit back and enjoy each others company!
  • The Bees are also encouraging me to continue on the mystickal path ~ I have a lovely Witch and several darling little Witchlings waiting for me.
  • And the Bees from the WildWoods are bidding me goodbye. I shall miss them dearly. But many new friends await .....


Tracy Tisher said...

The only message the bees gave Jeremy out here was two swollen stings on his left leg! But the house is really taking shape now and I know that all it needs is your magical touch! Let the coundown continue...We can't wait till you are here for good!:)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Mmmm yes, the sweet honey of success! May it be yours and your family's.

trickortreat said...

To bee or not to bee, that is the question. Your answers are perfectly positive!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Beeeeeeutiful post Jeanne!

Here's to the magic to come your way!


Joane said...

It's so interesting what our animal friends tell us. I'm going through a similar situation with having just moved to a new state and all. Near my house I see all these tiny little lizards on the sidewalk. I decided to look up what the symbolism was for lizards and surprisingly I found out that lizards represent a "disconnection". When in danger they will lose their tails to flee to safety". I read further that sometimes we need to disconnected from ourselves in order to move forward. I realized I needed to put aside or "disconnect" from my emotional issues and ties that I had in California in order to make a life for myself in Nevada. The bees will bring you much sweetness in your new home, I'm sure of it.
All the best,