Friday, July 8, 2011

Bats and Pumpkins

Several times in the last few weeks, when I have opened the garage doors of a morning, a bat has flown out of the garage. Our garage has arched openings which open onto our courtyard. These openings have short fence sections to keep the dogs out but even if the garage doors are shut, there is still a way for flying critters to gain access to this sheltered area. 

I love bats. They can consume SO MANY bugs in one night of dining it isn't even funny. Just wish he would move into the bat house I have in the front yard!

And I had a volunteer pumpkin come up in one of the crop circles. And there is even a small pumpkin developing.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Bats and pumpkins! Can Halloween be far behind?

Dede said...

There are lots of bats here. George said he seen one the other night drinking out of the pool. Love your pumpkin! That is just to cool!


Robin Larkspur said...

I love your crop circles!! how lucky to have a pumpkin...but will you be there to enjoy it? We are thinking of putting a bat house up. You will have to start calling the garage the "bat cave". If I were to come visit, you could say to me..."to the bat cave, Robin."

Wendy the (Very) Good Witch said...

Wow...that circular pumpkin patch is fantastic! It's so neat and tidy, how did you do that? My pumpkin patch last year was out of control and killed a large portion of my grass. Yours is perfect. And oh how I wish I had some bats backyard is 'Bug Central' they could feast for days and days. With luck, they'll feast on all those wretched spiders nesting in my trees and ferns! Have a great weekend! :o)

trickortreat said...

Volunteer bats and volunteer pumpkins- you are so lucky!