Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Summer Vacation ~ Part 2

I know how you've been hanging on, waiting for me to finish my exciting story about my Summer vacation. And I'm just getting to the good part - the one about all the insects I have viewed in my garden over the summer. 

Bees on my Black-eyed Susans.

A host of Monarch caterpillars consuming my Fennel.

A squadron of Dragonflies practicing aerial acrobatics.

And several of these quick, little Bumblebee (or Clearwing) Moths .

And I gave Hubby a lot of moral support while he hit the books with his summer classes. 
He got straight A's, too.  I'm so proud of you Dear!  ♥
The Fall Semester starts soon.... Guess I need to take Hubby school shopping! I think he needs a new backpack!

But the hi-lites of my summer were my two trips back to Denver and getting to play with all the Grandkids! (Sorry no picture - way too hard to get 6 kids all under the age of 6 to hold still for more than 2 seconds!) And while I was away, my little army of Jack O Lanterns (they are actually photo holders) kept a vigilante watch for my return.

And what does the future hold for me? 
Lots of these...
(empty boxes)

And this.
Packing those empty boxes with our stuff!

Because a move is in our not so distant future!
{when Hubby finishes school...}

Looks like Sylvester is already boxed and ready to go!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

You had a lot of company this summer!

magikalseasons said...

Wonderful pics in the garden! Congrats to your hubby!:) I wish you all the best with the packing & moving. I love how your Kitty is helping in the process!

ptrmom said...

During one of our many moves the guy loading the truck kept noting all the boxes of books. After what seemed like the thousandth box of books he looked at me and said, "I contracted to move a household but nobody told me it was a library!" I had to laugh when I saw your packed boxes so far were all labeled "books"

Jeanne said...

I grew up in a library (so to Mom was a Librarian) And books have always been a big part of my life. I would rather get rid of everything else I own than get rid of my books! :0)

Wendy the (Very) Good Witch said...

Love all your beautiful garden photos. We raise Monarchs in our herb garden every year too. I buy and plant lots of fennel plants just for them! Sounds like a good summer. And congrats to the hubster on his A's! :o)

ptrmom said...

Jeanne... I know. I remember many afternoons in the Kings Daughter's Library..... and Territorial Daughter's meetings.....

okay, now the guessing begins.... *who* the heck is this? lol (how I found you was very round about and quite by accident which makes it kind of fun)