Thursday, April 15, 2010


Wood Ashes from a fireplace help raise the pH level and neutralize acid soils. Many plants, like lilacs and peonies, can benefit from ashes being added to the ground around them.

Shredded paper can be used as mulch or added to a compost pile.

Use old bottles (wine or beer work best) as edging for garden beds.

Water your garden in the morning, allowing the plants themselves all day to dry. This will help prevent diseases from taking hold.

Many plants, like beans or wood sorrel, need 8 hrs. of sleep to thrive.

Use heavy plastic bottles or jugs to create garden labels. Rinse well & cut into desired size strips. Use a permanent marker to write plant names on labels.

Store seeds in paper envelopes. The seeds need to 'breathe' to remain viable. Keep them in a cool, dark place away from moisture.

Cut the bottom out of a plastic gallon milk jug or two-liter bottle to make a cloche to protect those tender seedlings.

To create a flower or vegetable bed the lazy way, place cardboard (open & flatten a cardboard box) or a thick layer of newspaper on ground where desired and cover with heavy layer of mulch. Openings may be cut into cardboard for plants to grow. The cardboard & mulch blocks the sunlight and everything underneath it will die & compost into the soil.


Suzie said...

Lots of good ideas there Jeanne! Thanks for sharing them. And I DO love your garden helper!

Abi said...

What a beautiful cat, and great tips - thank you :O)

JoyceAnn said...

Great tips , Jeanne. I really like the idea of using colored glass bottles as edging for garden beds , but since I have wee ones around I don't think I'll try that anytime soon , but maybe in the future. That would make a beautiful bed with the sun shining through those different colors bottles.

~ Weekend Blessings ~

JoyceAnn said...

Oh , forgot to say , the kitty is beautiful.

Yarni Gras! said...

I'm glad to know that I've actually used some of these ideas...makes me feel good. Your kitty is lovely!