Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Gardening 101

There is no real mystery to Gardening. Everyone has a Green Thumb. Some people may just have to 'Dig a Little Deeper' to find theirs!

A lot of a Garden's success is due in part to selecting the correct plant for your zone and the area where it will be planted. But water, soil & pest control also can be figured into the equation.

Over-watering is something most Gardeners are guilty of at one point in time or another. If in doubt about how much water a plant needs, err on the side of dry. A few good deep waterings are better than a lot of shallow waterings. If the water stands around on the ground for any length of time after you have ran the sprinkler, then you are over-watering!

Amending the soil with compost before starting a garden or flower bed is the best. But if you already have an established bed, then add a layer of leaf mulch every winter. The leaves will composted down over the winter and improve the soil. Then add another layer of mulch come Spring to help prevent the soil from drying out over the long, dry spells during the Summer.

Pests can be a major or minor problem depending on where you live. If you have planted a lot of Native plants, then your pest problems will be kept to a minimum. Should you notice an infestation of aphids or some other leaf-nibbling, sap-sucking insect wreaking havoc, try a blast of water to get the culprits off the plant. Or pick off the insects by hand. Use chemicals only as a last resort because those chemicals can kill the good insects along with the bad ones!

And lastly, enjoy your Garden! After all, that is why you went to all that work! 
Gardening is not only good for the Body. But it is good for the Soul as well!


Rue said...

Great tips! Love the photos too. I can't wait until things start blooming in my garden!

magikalseasons said...

Beautiful pics! Great advice and I'm with you on the native plants. I do plant the humming bird sage it's an annual here but so worth it.

Leslie said...

Great tips! Your garden is lovely! Unfortunately, I have a brown thumb (I seem to kill everything) and I live in Texas where the only thing that seems to grow are the mosquitoes!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Overwatering is the Achilles Heel of my Green Thumb which is a Pain in the Ass, to mix three body part metaphors!