Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Monday...

Did you ever have one of THOSE days? You know the kind. The ones where every time you turn around, you're getting yourself stuck in something???

That was my day yesterday! A Monday even! What a way to start the week.

First I superglued a pair of scissors together. (Don't ask! 'Cause I'm not quite sure myself!) Well, I figured I could just pull them apart - there wasn't that much glue on them. I got them apart all right, but broke the handle in the process. Gggrrr!

And then, as if once wasn't enough, I did it again. Only this time with a different pair of scissors! I couldn't pry, pull, or even break this pair. So I thought to myself, ' Let's use some lacquer thinner to take the glue off. ('cause it works well in taking super glue off stuff - as long as the stuff can withstand the lacquer thinner) Dumb move! Lacquer thinner when applied in enough quantity begins to melt plastic. (the scissors had plastic handles)

Okay, so now I have managed to ruin two pair of scissors. So, to console myself, I grabbed a piece of chocolate. (you know, Valentine candy is out in the stores!) Well, the chocolate was now stuck to my thumb and finger. More superglue! Aaagghhhhhh!!!!!!

But this was an easy fix! I ate the chocolate! All except what wasn't stuck to my finger or thumb. And had a second piece just for good measure!

(Sorry no pics! Was afraid to touch the camera for fear I'd stick to it, too!)


richies said...

You are a super gluer.

An Arkie's Musings

AwtemNymf said...

oh my gosh! I couldn't help but chuckle! Being stuck to super glue suck doesn't it! Done it a couple of times myself! Chocolate is the best therapy *winks*