Saturday, January 10, 2009


January! Where would we Gardeners be without this month? I know, it's cold and dreary outside. The Holidays are over. The company has gone home. And how we long for those funny, sunny days of Spring!

And ALL those Plant and Seed catalogs we've been getting sure don't help the matter any!

They're such a tease! A taunt, if you will. Luring us into the depths of a gardener's would-be paradise! And I am as guilty as the rest. I look at those catalogs and dream about how my gardens would look with all those lovely flowers!

Imagining those luscious strawberries just waiting to be picked....

Smelling the fragrant perfume of the rose bush by the Garden Shed....

Seeing the butterflies and bees busy about their daily business amid the blossoms and blooms....

But we need this time to plan and sketch. And to dream. And then plan some more.

My gardens always start out with a grand design. (Whose wouldn't after looking at all those catalogs!) But they evolve over time. Usually for a much simpler, lower maintenance plan.

But that doesn't stop me from reading about and dreaming about all those wonderful plants that just won't grow here! And maybe thinking about getting just one more exotic plant for the Courtyard 'cause I know I can squeeze it into the greenhouse for the winter!

My plans this year aren't so much to add flowers, but to rearrange the ones I've already got. Shade envelopes more of a flower bed, as trees grow and their canopies enlarge. Some plants have outgrown their corner and are beginning to bully their neighbors. Others just don't like the neighborhood they're in. But I'm sure, I'll probably be able to find room for maybe one or two new acquisitions.

I must go now and look at the latest catalogs that came in today's mail!

I'll keep you posted on my finds ....


Tammy said...

Love your greenhouse. I know my husband would be jealous if he saw it. Love your new neighbors post. Too cute! I love that chair! Your brother and sister-in-law look so cute.
Thanks for stopping in and saying hi!

vivian said...

I love gardens but I havent spent much timein the catalogs, I plant flowers and hang baskets and fill window boxes and pots, but I do not consider myself a true gardener.. because truely, I know nothing about gardening!! what to do with the soil.. fertilizing... etc! in pots, you stick them in the dirt and water them.. dont hardly even have to weed them!!
Anyways... nice to meet you!.. love your blog and your new neighbors look like they might be very interesting! I want neighbors like them!
please be sure to come back! I see were in a couple swaps together!

Gypsy said...

I love your greenhouse and now you have me dreaming of my own gardens. Is perfect since I am moving into my own house soon :)

Caroline said...

I have a bunch of garden catalogs that have come and will be going through very soon!