Saturday, April 22, 2017



The mere mention of this word will cause a person to either laugh in jest or nod their head in agreement. So, regardless of what a person has thought about chemtrails in the past, they are about to become a reality. Recently it has been announced that a 'geoengineering' program is 'about to start'
Or is this announcement a way of catching up to public knowledge? Click here!  And here!

Should we really be messing with Mother Nature?


the dogs' mother said...

Was in Seattle last week and saw a large chem
trail with a silver something at the head of it.
My first thought was North Korea has launched a
nuke at us. I've got to stop watching the news.
One day they kept saying NK could take out Seattle,
over and over and over. Then they say SF where my
brother and sil live. ak!!

Jeanne said...

TDM - Good grief! What a horrible thing to have in the back of one's mind! As if the chemtrails aren't bad enough! The day the US dropped the MOAB, there was so much military air traffic over this area, we all suspected something was going on even before we heard the news. I remember growing up with the threat of nuclear war hanging over the heads of the populace. I have no desire to go through that again. And I have stopped watching the news. Doom and Gloom! Doom and Gloom! is about all a person hears.

Robin Roberts said...

I really like your blog! Chem trails are affecting our earth. This may be the reason why we have global warming going on. Not from us but from these geothermal companies and nations who are allowing this. I wonder if someone should point out that we only have 1 earth. If we destroy it then what will we do?