Monday, April 4, 2016

The Great North Road

The American Southwest has many mysteries, some ephemeral but many others are very physical. Some of these physical mysteries are in the form of pueblo ruins built by the peoples who lived in the region long ago. While other physical mysteries appear in the form of lines carved into the surface of the earth.

Chaco Canyon is one of the largest ruin complexes and can be found in the northwestern region of New Mexico in the San Juan River Basin. The Chacoan Culture has been the subject of speculation for centuries. Who were they and why was such a large and complex series of structures built in such an inhospitable land?

Scientists and those involved in academic studies theorize that the Chaco Complex was built as a religious center or even as a center for trade. With the many outlying or satellite communities serving as way-stations or providing confirmation of the many astronomical alignments which can be found at Chaco Canyon. And in part, I feel that these theories are correct. But the origins of Chaco was probably much simpler. And much older.


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