Thursday, April 16, 2015


Here in the state of Colorado, there are more 'out of place glyphs' than just in the SE corner of the state.

Outside of Denver, near the foothills, is a series of Ogham markings on a rock outcropping. It was translated to say, ROUTE GUIDE; TO THE WEST IS THE FRONTIER TOWN WITH STANDING STONES AS BOUNDARY MARKERS.  This was perhaps a way of directing travelers to a settlement or shelter of some sorts. This rock outcropping is known as the CENTRAL COLORADO INSCRIPTION. After its initial study by McGlone and two colleagues, the inscription was buried under several feet of dirt by the property owners to prevent vandalism and to keep the curious away. 

Other random OOPArt - A rock carved like a scarab beetle which also has Egyptian style hieroglyphics on the back of it was found near Durango.

A Blue granite rock was found near Granby. On one side was the carving of a man with a head similar to Toltec carvings and the other sides were carvings of dinosaurs and what appears to be an elephant or maybe it was just a mammoth.

 A boulder was documented near Cripple Creek which had, what is theorized, a Greek inscription which was interpreted to read HERE LIES THE SERVANT OF GOD, PALLADEIS. After further analysis, the writing was found to have remarkable similarities to Jewish inscriptions found in catacombs from the 6th-8th centuries AD. I am still researching this.

In New Mexico, near Los Lunas which is just south of Albuquerque, is a huge boulder at the base of Hidden Mountain. Inscribed on this boulder are 9 rows of 216 proto-Hebrew characters which, when translated was a complete rendering of the 10 commandments. The alphabet used on the rock came into use around the 10th century BC and was no longer used after 70 AD. This boulder was first reported in 1871 and some of the lettering was not known to the science community before 1884. So a hoax is highly unlikely. Nearby on Hidden Mountain are also found defensible stone walls and another boulder with what appears to be constellations and a solar eclipse which occurred in 107 BC. I throw this in simply because to show that there are many, many odd and out-of-place artifacts throughout the country.

In Oklahoma, not far from Crack Cave, is a cave with Middle-Eastern style petroglyphs. This cave is located on the Cimarron River and named Anubis Cave. There is also evidence of Celtic explorers at this cave system.

I have read that the Arabic alphabet and Ogham script extend into the Rockies. Near Penrose there are stone circles and low stone walls similar to those found in Picture Canyon. Could the travelers who journeyed through the La Junta area have made the voyage further up the Arkansas River? 

I will continue to dig and delve - one never knows what will turn up.


the dogs' mother said...

Rocks are now even more fascinating!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I bet it was aliens.