Monday, March 16, 2015

Cat Tales ~ Mes Wild Guess

Mommy read Me all the Wild A$$ Guesses that were made by everyone about the odd pictures found on the TrailCam. I would like to address those guesses before Me reveals Mes deduction.
Miss Debra - Me wishes it was Mes up there in the mountains 'cause Mommy said the birds are quite abundant and friendly. But alas it is not Mes tail in front of the camera. Me will have to wait to make friends with all the little birdys. 

Mrs. Dog's Mommy - While Me thinks that Abby made a very good guess, Me thinks only part of her answer is correct. Mommy said that the squirrels are somewhat scarce when there is Peoples at the Cabin. But the chipmunks on the other hand are thick as fleas! Hhhmmm...... Me wonders if a Chippy would like a new friend....

Miss Robin - Yes, me was under the same assumption when Me first saw that photo! Me thought it might be E.T. flashing a peace sign.

But after much research, Me discovered this is what an E.T. would look like in the camera lens

Miss Justine - Me believes you have guessed correctly. The last mystery photo is the give-away. It looks like feathers on the left side of the photo.

Till next time, stay clever Me Friends!
Purz and Catnip Dreams.......Gomez


the dogs' mother said...

Abby says bird sounds good to hear. She also worried about chipmunks. She has never seen a chipmunk but they sound like mini-squirrels!!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh, I was SURE it was you, Gomez! You are a natural artiste. Alas.

Robin Larkspur said...

Drat, I was hoping you had had a close encounter of the weird kind, Gomez. But glad mystery is solved.

Justine’s Halloween said...

Cool! Thanks for letting me know Gomez! :)