Monday, January 13, 2014

Cat Tales ~ Early Domestication of Humans

Mommy read Me a story off the Interwebs the other day. It was about the early domestication of humans by felines in China. Of course the article wasn't written that way. The article said that Cats had been domesticated by peoples. But We all know Who Domesticated Who!
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New evidence has surfaced showing that Cats in China were possibly domesticated as far back as 5,300 years ago. Over 3,000 years earlier than originally thought. The bones found were the size of modern day house cats and smaller than the wildcats of the region. Scientists did tests on the feline bones and found that one of the cats ate food high in agricultural content - like the food people eat. {Or the nasty cheap cat food that Daddy sometimes gets when Mommy sends him to the grocery store - Me gets even with Daddy when he does that by laying smack in the middle of his favorite spot on the couch! Daddy then bribes me with Catnip so I'll move}
A jaw bone had well worn teeth which indicates death at a ripe old age. Something that couldn't have been achieved without a warm safe place to sleep and food to eat. 
Yes, domesticating humans was a good thing.
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We still miss our spontaneous kittens but happy to know they have forever homes.