Thursday, May 16, 2013

On Becoming Homeless

It's all-consuming. It gets its hooks into a person and turns them into some kind of monster - just like in a horror movie.
The man who owns the house we currently live in has become consumed with greed.
He chose not to let us know that the monthly mortgage payment had risen. So for an indeterminate time period the balance due kept climbing until we were extremely behind in our monthly payments (even though we had been making our 'normal' payments in a timely manner). This gave him what he thought was leverage to get us out of the house so that he could 'flip it'. And profit a nice chunk of change.

We had to go to court to settle the mess. Four weeks of waiting and worrying. That was the worst 4 weeks of my life!  
Worry about what kind of judge we would get.
Worry about my daughter and her children - would they be able to find something they could afford in the area? At possibly a moments notice?
Worry about our four-legged kids - would Hubby and I be able to find a place to live that would take all the animals? The thought of having to take any of the critters to the pound was more than I could stand. The tears came often. The thought of being homeless weighed heavy on our minds.

Fortunately the judge was a reasonable person and dismissed the case. But we still have to find another place to live. Our contract on the house will soon be up and we are unable to obtain the necessary home loan. And because of our four-legged kids, finding another house is proving to be quite challenging. There is a great prejudice in this area against large breed dogs.

Life is not fair. It never has been and it never will be. I can cope with the normal, everyday unfairness.  But these extreme challenges are beginning to wear on my nerves. I do believe I need to have a talk with that Trickster.