Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Weird Wednesday ~ SLIders pt. 2

Last week I wrote of a unique phenomenon called Street Light Interference - or SLI for short. Click here to read the post!

Several of the faithful readers of this blog left comments regarding this phenomenon occurring to them. I am also one of those that has light bulbs "blow out" at an unusual rate. My computers act weird sporadically for no known reason. I have an unusual amount of static interference on my cell phone calls. Watches just don't seem to work when I where them. And I am not the only one in my family to which this happens. My sister and youngest son also have the same things happen to them.

While no 'formal' studies have been done on SLI, this effect doesn't appear to be a conscious one. Most SLIders seem to have an unusually strong electromagnetic field (all people have an electromagnetic field - it is created by the electrical impulses that travel back and forth through a person's nerves, spinal cord and brain). Many SLIders report that when SLI does occur, they are in an extreme emotional state. This heightened state creates an excess amount of energy (electricity) which travels through the air and interferes with the electromagnetic field of an electronic item.

Other studies take into account the geomagnetic/geo-electric/vibrational energy of a location (possibly Ley Lines). This Earth Energy could amplify a person's electromagnetic field causing SLI to occur.

If you have SLI experiences, keep a notebook of when and where these occurrences take place. Note the geography (if you can) of the location, your emotional state, time of day. You might be surprised to find something in common.

Next week SLI and Vibrational Energy.