Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Weird Wednesday ~ Death Cry of a Carrot

When do carrots actually die? 
When they are yanked from the ground? 
When they are deprived of water and other vital nutrients?
It has been proven that Carrots die only when they are (1) left out to rot, (2) cooked to 140 deg in water, or (3) ingested in the stomach!

Author Matthew Silverstone has provided scientific evidence that proves that vegetables are not just simple objects but are as sophisticated as most animals and that they behave much like humans.

Scientific experiments have proven that vegetables will emit an electrical charge at the time of death. Thus eating vegetables raw is actually healthier for a person - not only do raw vegetables contain more vitamins and minerals but they emit an electrical output into our digestive tract. The stomach's bacteria would be the first to receive the electrical charge and would react in a negative way. Some scientists state that the electrical stimulation can kill off the bad bacteria and stimulate the good bacteria. Vegetarians are a third less likely to suffer from common digestive disorders; digestive disorders which might be  caused by an absence of an electrical charge from the raw vegetables.

Could there be other health benefits from the eating of 'live' vegetables? Should we cook our food to under 140 degrees? Studies have not yet been done to answer these questions. 
I am curious to see the findings.....


Robin Larkspur said...

I can't imagine biting into a carrot and thinking it might be screaming bloody murder!

magikalseasons said...

Poor crunchy carrots! They also make you look like a tan if you eat enough of them. lol