Monday, May 2, 2011

Cat Tales ~ Me's Mad

Mes not happy. The weather has been wet, wet, wet. The water keeps falling from the sky and Me don't have no sun puddles to sleep in. All this water makes Me fur fuzz. 
And Mommy is not here to make it all better. Mommy has been gone a long time and Me misses her! Daddy's lap is not soft and comfy like Mommy's lap. Daddy says Mommy will be back soon but Me saw Daddy drive away with Mommy. Me hopes Daddy didn't take Mommy on a "One Way Car Ride" (that's how Squeaky and Sylvester - theys two Kitties that yous hasn't met yet - came to live here). 


Suzie said...

I can understand how you are upset, but be brave! Mama will return!! Maybe the next time she calls, you can ask to talk to her. .just the sound of her voice will make you feel better!!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yeah, life sucks sometimes, doesn't it, Gomez. Hope the sun and your Mom both return soon!

Wendy said...

Oh Mr. Gomez, we's hate the rain too and getting our paws wet. It's so hard having your mommy gone, so just get lots of snuggles when you can with your daddy and your mommy will be so happy to see you when she gets back!

Miss Bella and Sele

deb said...

I am very upset when my parents leave on vacation ! What if they don't come back? Who will feed me? Why did they let a stranger stay with me? So inconsiderate! Nokia

Haunted Swamp Designs said...

We hate when our mommy leaves! Daddy is here and makes sure we have food, that is after we have to remind him! Mommy feeds us little scraps when she's in the kitchen cooking, not daddy! Creep! So we put things in his shoes! Meow! Meow!
O'Siris, Raskis and, Toby O.