Thursday, January 21, 2010

Such a Tease....

The weather has been SO NICE the last couple days. A real tease ....... so much like Spring with warm temperatures and sunshine.

My daffodils are peaking out to see what all the fuss is about.

And I have been working on a small garden area I have next to my greenhouse. Doing some weeding and placing pavers along the edge of the growing area. When the time comes, I'll plant my peppers in here. They co-habitate quite well with the parsley, leeks and garlic.


JoyceAnn said...

We've had a few warm and dry days this week too The chickens have been digging around in my beds , turning the soil and fertilizing it , they're doing a great job (LOL). Enjoy your gardening!

~ Green Blessings ~

Mother's Moon's Message said...

our days have been sort of warm yet we do not have flowers peeking out as of yet... Although last night we had a nice old thunderstorm... thunder lightning, hail and lots of rain... truly did feel like spring.

Brenda LaBell said...

That is a tease!! I think we all went from bitter cold to unseasonably warm, the weather just gets stranger every year.


Suzie said...

Jeanne, I love ya dearly, but when I'm sitting here staring a compacted ice encrusted inches thick snow, with freezing rain and snow flurries in the forecast, the feeling is very strong to send some not so nice thoughts about your photos out into the Cosmic Realm.

But it is only because I love ya dearly, that I don't. I bite my tongue, tie my fingers into knots,and continue to think good, charming, friendly thoughts of you and your garden. :-)))


Brenda LaBell said...

Their here, their here, my new houses are here!!! Jeanne I thought they were adorable in the picture, ha, they are even better in person!! They are the most adorable little pumpkin houses ever, I love them!!!

Thank you again!!

Dede said...

It poured here, but it smelled so wonderful! Spring like weather and 70 degrees, so can't wait to start planting in the ground. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us!


Jeanne said...

I thought about y'all while I was out soaking up the sunshine & warm temperatures! Really I did! :0)

gin said...

I'm glad the temperatures are rising!! Can't wait for the springtime.