Thursday, December 3, 2009

Do you compost ???

I do! I've had a compost pile going for as long as I can remember. So did my Mother. I can remember taking kitchen waste out to the compost pile as a youngun' - and that was several decades ago.
There's just something about giving back to Mother Earth that is so rewarding. ♥

I spent some time in November raking leaves. I like to use the leaves as mulch around our trees to inhibit weed growth. By the time the first blades of grass are beginning to show in the Spring, the leaf piles have broken down. The only drawback to using the leaves this way, I have nothing left for the compost pile and for mulch in my flower beds. So I ask people I know for their leaves. I've even been known to take bags of leaves sitting on the curb awaiting the trash man! And yes, I'm very careful about taking bags of leaves and not trash!! :0)

Did you know that by some estimates that food waste and yard trimmings account for nearly 24% of the solid waste stream in the US? Just think what an impact it would make if more people would compost or contribute their yard trimmings to their local municipal compost facility. Click here for links on composting.

What have you done for your Mother (Earth) lately?

Pssst....... I recycle, too! :0)


Suzie said...

I use my leaves for mulch too, and like you say, they make a very nice blanket for overwintering shrubs and perennials.

And like you, I can remember doing this from the time I was a child. It was one of my favorite Fall chores I was assigned each year.

Plus, there are butterfly crysalis, and other beneficial insects that overwinter in pupea form in leaf litter, so you are saving them as well.

Unhappily, I'm the only one on my block to go this route. Everyone else thinks that it is too "messy".

So I am VERY happy to hear from another "leaf saver"! :-)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Mother Earth is giving you a big smooch!

Mother's Moon's Message said...

love the photos... too cute... I think composting is the greatest of ideas, no matter how small one does it.. It can be from a small composter for minimal results to a huge one out back as it seems you have... It would be a nice thing if more people did it.. I think many would be surprised at the things that you can actually use..... good for you..

The Frog Queen said...

Very cute pictures!!

And being a gardener I love to compost. And in our area, you are not allowed to but yard debris in your garbage :) Not all my neighbors love it, but I think that is a perfect idea.


JoyceAnn said...

I've been composting for about 3 years now and like you I find it very rewarding. I love the smell of the finished compost (LOL). Giving back to Mother Earth makes you feel grounded. I also use my leaves for mulching , just mulched my garlic with leaves. It would be great if everyone knew the value of composting , the small effort it takes to compost could really make a huge difference for Mother Earth.

~ Nature's Blessing's ~

AwtemNymf said...

I use leaves for mulch too. Since we have high winds in my area- I put the leaves on the bottom and then Miracle Gro on the top- it keeps the leaves put (instead of flying everywhere). We recycle!
I love the photos! Cute kid!!
I hug trees *winks*

Jeanne said...

It's so good to hear about the composting and recycling that others do. I know Mother Earth appreciates everyone's efforts. :0)

The kids in the bottom photos are two of my granddaughters. The top pic is of Tarabeth (she loves pink) and the bottom pic is of Brianna (she's the tomboy).

Rue said...

I LOVE compost! Lol! There's nothing like adding that rich, dark earth to my garden each spring from my compost bucket. I don't have trees though - sigh. No leaves for me. :(

Bridgett said...

Living in an apartment, composting really isn't an option for me. But I guarantee, when we buy our first home, a compost pile is a must.

Recycling...heck yea! :)