Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Gold Star

Hubby has recently gone back to college. He is attending our local community college, where he will receive a 2 yr degree in Computer Information Technology and Computer Forensics. He was accepted into a Workforce Improvement Program sponsored by the State of Arkansas which takes care of his college tuition. After graduation we plan on moving closer to our kids. (You've been warned!)

This all came about because Hubby was laid off of work many, many months back. He worked for an aircraft refurbishing company building custom cabinets for aircraft interiors. There were once quite a few businesses at our local airport that did aircraft refurbishing - from interiors to exteriors to mechanical. This type of industry is considered a luxury industry. It relies on the opulence of big corporations as well as individuals. But when purse strings are tightened then luxury items are the first things to get cut from the budget.

Hubby and I are both quite excited about this opportunity. So far the homework load hasn't been too bad. One of the classes he has to take is Algebra. Oh, I can already hear the groans .... but Hubby is a math whiz! He got the highest score ever received here at the community college on the college assessment tests. But we all have a tendency to get a bit rusty at the things we don't do a lot of and well, Hubby's algebra skills need some refreshing. So he went to tutoring and hit the books!

He recently took his first Algebra test. And got an A.
(as if there was any doubt!)


This next little bit is for you, Dear. Keep up the good work!

{It's okay, you can sing along too. Or even get up and dance! )


Domestic Witch said...

oh wow I have to show that movie to angelus!! Thanks for reminding me about it

stefanie said...

good for him, its hard going back to school, but i think you motivated him with that clip

Anonymous said...

Congrats and best wishes to your hubby!

mrsb said...

Good for him! My hubby recently started taking classes online for college and is doing well, too!

The Frog Queen said...

Congrats! Way to go! Here's to your future!