Wednesday, May 27, 2009

He Scoots! He Scores!

Besides being an expert motorcycle mechanic, Ed (my Dear, Sweet Hubby) likes to ride (and show off) his motorcycle every chance he gets. [he rides a Suzuki Volusia Intruder] Over the recent Memorial Day weekend, he participated in a Bike Show held by our local Eagles Chapter. His Bike was chosen by our (Arkansas) State Senator Teague and Ed received the Senators Choice Award.

A BIG CONGRATS to you Sweetie!


jaz said...

nice bike...way to go and congrats. i just found your blog and as a halloween lover i think you will want to look at my blog. check it out when you have time:

hope you enjoy it!

jaz said...

hi jeanne....thanks for stopping by my blog and i am glad you enjoyed it. did you happen to see the witch trophies in my archives. your husband's trophy reminded me that i posted mine a while back. i have a lot more of my collection to post so keep looking when you have time. joyce

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! ☺

GI Joey's Mom! said...

WOW!! Congrats Ed!! Way Coolz!! :)