Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Luck of the Fae Fairy Swap

A while back, I had joined Missy's Luck of the Fae Fairy Swap . The Swap is now officially complete. I was so very lucky to have my dear friend, AwtenNymf, as my Swap Partner. How cool is that??!!

We were to make a Fairy Doll, a Fairy Wand, and send something Lucky or Sparkly. And my, oh my! She really out did herself with the goodies! And wait till you see the Fairy Doll and Magic Wand that she made!

Her name is Automne. And she is so adorable! Don't you just love her wings?? And her antennae??

And then the wand is just so RAD! I love his grin and his BIG eyes!

For the sparkly, I received a jar of specially concocted Fairy Dust that has a special key to unlock the mysteries I may come across in my wanderings.

And if that weren't enough, Awny also sent me the cutest 'Paper Doll' that I can color. Several packets of Flower Seeds to brighten my Fae Garden. And the coolest Fairy Coloring Book. (Wherever did she find all this neat stuff??)

Now, you're probably wondering what I made her for the swap. I made a Pumpkin Fairy by the name of Pompion.

And here is the Magic Pumpkin Fairy Wand I created.

And for the sparkly item, I sent an old chandelier crystal for her to hang in the window to create a sparkly rainbow. And the lucky item was a bright, shiny penny. I also made a couple of lavender filled sachets because she loves Lavender!

THANK YOU Awny!! For making this most wonderful swap ever! I'm very fortunate to have you for my Dear Friend!


debvandet said...

Beautiful dolls! Thank you for sharing.

Zan Asha said...

Wow! Now I feel sorry that I missed out on this swap! What awesome dolls and goodies!