Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Miss Lily of French and Country Chic Gallery has TAGGED Me!!

And now I have to tell six little secrets about myself.... But I trust you'll keep them to yourself.

1. I am a HUGE hockey fan.

2. I am a published author.

3. I have an addiction to iced animal cookies

4. I'm a natural redhead.

5. I was once a dog trainer.

6. I love to bake bread.

And now to 'tag' some of my friends. Let's hear their secrets!

1 comment:

cuteartworld said...

Hello okay six secrets about my self.
1.) I love the icing on the cake!
2.) I am addicted to digital art.
3.) I am lonely at my blogspot...
4.) I need to loose some weight.lol
5.) I am allergic to protein and long for a steak!
6.) I sneak out of bed every night and stay up until 1 am.hehe