Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Magic and Physics ~ Vibration & Frequency

painting by Jenny Dixon
We're back to Vibration today. 
I found this article, Click Here! , that speaks of Vibration and its use in Magic. 

Because we are made up of atoms and atoms are always in motion, we are made up of Energy in Motion or Vibrational Energy. In fact everything in this existence is made of Vibrational Energy.  The frequency we vibrate at will determine many things in our life. It will determine how we interact with other people, it determines how we interact with machines, it also determines what is attracted to us. 
Have you ever met someone who really seemed to 'mesh' with you? You both may not have the same opinions or likes, yet you get along with this other person quite well. Why? The vibrational frequencies of the two people will compliment each other. Imagine two different songs being played at the same time. And both songs are complimentary to the other. When a person encounters someone with an uncomplimentary vibrational frequency, then discord will arise.
Some people are able to match their vibration with those of machines. These people are able to fix machines with ease. People who can match their vibration with that of plants have green thumbs. And so on.
When a person can raise their vibration to a higher frequency, then positive things happen to that person. But how does one go about raising their vibration? By letting your higher emotions take over. Let love, joy, happiness, gratitude rule your thoughts. When doom and gloom invade the mental facility, then dark energy is what you will attract. Like attracts like! Just remember though, nothing happens over night. Once you begin living with the higher frequency emotions, it may take a bit for the Universe or Source Energy to clear out all the gloom and doom from your life in order to make room for the good stuff.
People need to learn to let go of those negative thoughts. There is no room for grudges, resentment, jealousies, or any other emotion that causes a person to feel mad, sad, or gloomy. And while bad and disconcerting things will always occur in a person's life, it is these obstacles that help a person to grow into a better person.

Some interesting tidbits -
DNA strands communicate with each other at a frequency of 7.83Hz The heartbeat of the planet (aka Schumann Resonance*) is said to be roughly 7.83 Hz. Coincidence?
*Schumann Resonance - Here!  And Here!

Nikola Tesla discovered Schumann Resonance (1800s) long before Prof. W.O. Schumann discovered them in 1952.  Tesla made that discovery when he was living in Colorado Springs, Colorado. My current home town. Coincidence?

"If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." Nikola Tesla

"What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter." Albert Einstein

next week - how to use vibrational energy to your advantage

Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday Musings ~ The Apple

Today's card is The Apple.
The Apple card speaks of choices. It tells of not being able to live in too many places at one time. The card also speaks of not being able to develop a talent when one's energy are split. This card goes along with the old adage, "Too many irons in the fire and can't keep them all hot." This has happened to me more than once. I find myself often taking on too much so that it takes twice as long to get anything done.
Some hard decisions are waiting to be made. And I feel the Universe is saying that now is an auspicious time to make those decisions.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Friday, February 20, 2015

Road Trip ~ Eagle Days

Yes, Colorado can be quite brown in the winter - especially on the plains
The Great Outdoors beckoned to us the past few weekends. The weather has been too nice to stay home. So into the trusty roadtrip car [who just got a new set of 'shoes'] we went and headed south to attend Pueblo Eagle Days in a town south of us.

The event was held at the reservoir outside of town where a large group of Bald Eagles nest for the winter. The Eagles roost in the cottonwoods below the dam and hunt the local plains and fish in the reservoir.

Eagle & Owl

Male Golden Eagle - smaller than the female Golden Eagle
Female Golden Eagle - 25+ years old
Even though the only Bald Eagle we saw was a bit 'larger than life', we did get to see many raptors from the local Nature and Raptor Center of Pueblo. These birds had all been injured in some way and their injuries did not allow them to be re-released into the wild. Now they are ambassadors for the facility. 

Oberon the Barred Owl
Great Horned Owl
Barn Owl
The Falcons from the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs were also there. Two of the Falcons were tame enough that people could gently pet their breast.

And we did get to see a couple other ambassadors - Talon, the Red-tailed Hawk and Elbert, the Bighorn Sheep who are mascots for the Colorado Dept. of Parks and Wildlife.

Looking forward to the Owl Festival in March!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Magic and Physics ~ String Theory

String Theory.
There is no easy way to explain this.  But, I'll try with this - 
Imagine there are numerous strings all side by side. These strings are stretched so that they all vibrate at different frequencies.  We are unable to see, much less interact with the other dimensions (or strings) because our own vibration or frequency is different than the others. If we can raise our own vibration then we can get a glimpse into one or more of these other dimensions. 
What if what we perceive as ghosts, is actually a glimpse into another one of these dimensions? Perhaps the two different planes of vibration are actually touching or perhaps so close that the beings in each of the dimensions can see and interact with each other. Maybe Fairies or Elementals are beings from another plane of existence. One which we only get glimpses into from time to time. Any number of imperceptible beings could be explained in this manner.
People who are able to see these ethereal beings usually have some sort of psychic ability. They are able to raise their frequency to a level which enables them to see through the veil.
Next week I'll write more about multi-dimensions and consciousness.

***I found it rather intriguing that the cards from my Monday Musing dealt with this very subject. And I wrote this post last week! The Universe works in mysterious ways.***

Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday Musings ~ Insistance

My prompt for the Monday Musings have been the Celtic Tree Oracle cards. I will pull a card every Sunday and then ponder its message.
I always shuffle the cards quite well.
Well...Yesterday I shuffled the cards, pulled one out, and behold, it was The Beech card. The same card I drew two weeks ago. My first thought was that maybe I hadn't shuffled real well. So I inserted the card back into the deck and reshuffled - not once but three times! Once again I drew a card. It was The Beech. So I sat quiet for a couple minutes, placed the drawn card back into the deck and reshuffled. This next time I drew The Sea - last Monday's card. Hhhhmmmm....
I know a person isn't supposed to keep pulling cards till they get the one they want. And that wasn't the purpose of me re-drawing the cards. I guess, I wanted to see if the Universe had any other message for me besides the same one I had been receiving for the last two weeks.
So one last time I reshuffled and pulled a card. This time I pulled Heather.

The Heather card also represents Mistletoe. The two combine to guide the person into closer contact with the world of spirit and the resulting healing this pathway can lead to. Mistletoe is also called 'all heal' by the ancients and many modern medicines contain its derivatives. Heather is considered a gateway between the Spirit World and the Fertile Earth.
It's interesting that all three of these cards are dealing with hidden knowledge - whether it be knowledge that is hidden deep within ourselves or knowledge that is hidden away and we must search for it in various writings or in the knowledge of others. These cards also speak of accessing this knowledge through a journey to lands which can only be reached by crossing through a veil.
A little back story - The reason I have been using the Celtic Tree Oracle deck is because it is the only oracle card deck I have. But also because it contains the Ogham runes or alphabet. I have been researching the relationship of the written Ogham language and languages of other civilizations. Because there is ancient Ogham writing in Colorado and researching it has led me down a rabbit hole so deep, I ended up in Mesopotamia.
The Universe is wanting me to take that next step and realize what is beyond that closed curtain. But how?

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Create with Everyday Items

world map from mirror pieces

copper tacks


fake fingernail tips

women's shoes & wood

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Physics of Magic ~Living in the NOW!

For those of you out there who might still have doubts about Manifesting, I would like to provide you with a couple of interesting articles about manifesting reality.

When Imagination Creates Reality

Spirit Science and Metaphysics: Proof that Consciousness Creates Reality

There have been purported cases of people's thought forms taking human shape. These thought forms are called Tulpas. The current Slender Man meme is thought to be a Tulpa.
So watch what you think!
And how do you keep those negative, worrying thoughts at bay? Live in the NOW!
When a person worries, they are letting unrealized thoughts intrude into their current consciousness. Those worries can manifest.
How does a person live in the Now? When the gloomy shadow of worry and day to day living begin to creep towards the sunshine of the mind, take a deep breath and feel all that is around you. Feel it with ALL your senses. The Now is precious - it is time which you can never recoup so spend it wisely.
Make time for meditation. Spend at least 5 minutes (preferably 10 or 15) doing absolutely nothing. Do small acts of kindness or generosity. Smile. Express gratitude.
Living in the Now is also called Living Deliberately.
A wise woman once told me, 'If you don't like a situation, then change it. Every person has the ability to change that which bothers them.' If something is bothering you, take action to change it. 
If worries about the health of a loved one are nagging at you, then every time a worry creeps up, push it aside with a positive affirmation - send love, light, and healing energy to the person. Remember the little girl I wrote about in this post? Click Here! She replaced her worries with positive affirmations which manifested.
Need a little help manifesting? Try utilizing what I will call add-ons. These can be herbs, crystals, candles, scents, drawings, colors, etc. These are items which have been used for many a year by those who would be called Witches. (yes, I am proud of that moniker!)
These items help a person focus their energy towards the task at hand. And the energies of the items used will combine with your own. Remember though, The Universe provides what you ask for, it just may not be in the form you thought it would take. So keep an open mind!
Does anyone have any questions, comments, or suggestions on further installments?

Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday Musings ~ The Sea

Today's Musings have to do with the Celtic Tree Oracle card, The Sea.
This card tells me there is hidden knowledge which can be accessed when the Moon and Sea are full. This is inherited knowledge. A knowing as old as my ancestors. The Sea also represents the link between the here and the places I may need to go on my spiritual journey. 
I think about the Ocean from time to time. And it has been intruding on my thoughts of late. I love the feel of the salt spray on the face and the crashing of the waves upon the shore. Water is a sacred element. It can be so influenced by its surroundings. Water can hold thought and feeling.
I need to go deep within to access the knowledge of the ancestors. Something I have known I needed to do for quite some time. 

* * *
Ocean is more ancient than the mountains, and freighted with the memories and the dreams of Time.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Physics of Magic ~ Visualization, Manifesting and Collective Thought

painting by Jenny Dixon
When working magic, we are taught that intent - the aim or purpose - of the spell is very important. That we should keep our 'intent', our purpose in working the magic, at the forefront of our mind the whole time we are actually doing the magic or spell.
 Visualization is almost as important as intent. What you see in your mind's eye (third eye) is as important as your intent. We need to clearly 'see' what we hope to achieve with the magic (spell) that we are putting our energy into. This is how the energy you are working with is able to bring about change. 
If the energy wave anticipated you seeing a lamp next to the chair it is because you were quite clear and comfortable with the fact that it would be there. You visualized or saw in your 'mind's eye' the lamp next to the chair. 

When visualizing, a person need not get too detailed or too specific. One of the main reasons a spell or magical working fails is because the person either failed to properly visualize the end result or too much information or too many details were given.  Say you wish to work a spell to increase your monthly salary. If you simply see yourself being richer or say that you wish to be richer, then the Universe may not understand that you are referring to money or you may get money but it may take months or years down the road to manifest. But if you 'see' yourself going to the bank on payday and making a large monetary deposit or request more money to be able to make your bills, then the Universe has a better idea of what you are trying to manifest. 
Let the Universe know what your need is but let the Universe deliver in its own way. We will go back to the money spell - when working on that manifestation, don't tell the Universe how to manifest the money but just let it be known that you are in need of money for (fill in the blank).

It is best to meditate (something I am currently working on improving) prior to any sort of magic. Then explain what you are trying to achieve. I do this out loud as it sometimes helps to clear any lingering cobwebs about the request. Then I will play out a narrative in my head while I am actually physically casting the spell. I then replay this narrative in my head on a daily basis. Sometimes several times a day. I will even replay the narrative during meditation sessions. This reinforces with the Universe the manifesting. If you choose to use other items in your spell, then keep your intent and visualization front and foremost in your mind while you are gathering or preparing the items. 

You visualizing what you want to manifest tells the energy particles, the energy wave, what to become. Love, a very powerful emotion, can add a great deal of power to any magical working. There is truth in the old adage, All You Need is Love. Love is amazing and can cause miracles to happen. The emotion of Love will raise a person's vibration to a higher frequency so that you are closer to the creative Source. I wrote about a good example in last week's post. The love that the people of southern Louisiana felt for each other and for their land was so strong that when they all prayed together a vast and immediate change occurred to a powerful hurricane. Yes, there is definitely a better ability to bring about positive changes if more people think the same thing.
We, as Light and Energy Beings, can bring about positive changes to mankind and to the planet if we would only visualize them with the love that is in our hearts.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday Musings ~ The Beech

Today's post is part of a blog collective put together by Aine at Bones and Sky. The participants are listed in the right sidebar of her blog. Feel free to join in! At the beginning of every week we are to post about a dream, coincidence, spiritual awakening or other ethereal occurrence. 
When I read Aine's post last Monday, I found the idea of sharing dreams, intuitive insights intriguing. More often than not I have found in reading blogs or perusing the internet, that many people have similar thoughts or experiences at very nearly the same time. Coincidence? I don't believe in coincidences. The Universe works in many strange ways and sometimes we are shown this commonality to reinforce a point. 

I didn't know where to start with this post, so as a prompt, I drew a card from the Celtic Tree Oracle card deck. I drew the Beech. 
by Liz and Colin Murray

As the wisdom and beauty of the past and tastes and ideas change or are discarded, the thirst for knowledge of the questioning spirit will always continue. You will often need to turn to the past and its works in order to rediscover lost wisdom and to find a firm basis on which to construct further ideas and interpretations. If a writer or craftsman has felt the urge or commitment to express his feeling in a tangible way, you too have an obligation to observe this work and further it in your own time.

The Beech's elements are air and earth. She is related to meditation, ancient wisdom and the power of the written word. The Beech tells us to pay heed to the knowledge which can be found in books. The Beech is thought of as The Mother of the Woods. The Irish god Ogma, a Tuatha de Danaan, is credited with creating the Ogham language and wrote it first on a slab of Beech. And lastly, the Beech encourages the crossing of thresholds. She reminds us to confront that which is challenging us because it is only through experiencing the unknown can we expand our knowledge.

I had to ponder on this card for a bit to fully understand its meanings. Much of what it told me pertained to a writing project I have been researching - that I was on the right track. But in reading about the Beech, I realized that I was being reminded that I needed to address an issue. I have never been good at meditating and have been trying to work on becoming better. But I have found it hard to find good instruction on the subject. I know I need to fully grasp the ability to meditate in order to progress further in my studies of energy and ancient wisdom. 
My interpretations of the Beech also tell me that it is important to pass on the information and knowledge we possess. To write down the wonders and thoughts and workings and dreams of our lives for those who have yet to come.

Sunday, February 1, 2015