Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Science of Sasquatch

Another great video from the Pikes Peak Historical Society
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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Genetic Career Predisposition or Re-writing Your DNA

Genetic Memory - Genetic Memory is the collection of memories of one's ancestors that are passed down to subsequent generations through DNA. It enables instinctive skills in animals and acts as am archive of history for humans.

We've all had the occasion to meet someone who was a 'Natural' at something - music, painting, writing, sailing, carpentry. These people will often have had little, if any, training in their field of expertise. And yet, these 'Naturals' appear to have a talent which was born to them.

Could this talent have been written into their genetic code? Appearing in them much like eye color or hair color? Are we predisposed toward a particular career path because of the experiences of a grandparent or great grandparent?

It has been found that our thoughts, emotions, and outlook on life can influence and have effects on our DNA. And it has been found that this information can be passed on to subsequent generations. Through DNA! The study of this is called Epigenetics.

Monarch butterflies travel thousands of miles each year to Mexico where they will spend the Winter. Three generations will have been born before the return trip is made in the Spring. How is this possible? Do they have on-board GPS? Or was the route pre-programmed in their DNA?

It is commonly believed that we are a culmination of our experiences and encounters. And while these will surely effect who a person is, there is much more to the equation. Events, Teachings, Encounters in previous generations - and not just one or two generations back, but possibly many centuries - can and may influence behavior.

But we can re-write our genetic code to suit our needs. The Placebo Effect is a good example of this. By simply changing our thought process we can ultimately change the bad to the good. We can re-write our DNA. But it's not as easy as simply saying, "No More!" We must first be in a loving, grateful, positive mental state to begin the transformation. then, much like a person who is confronting their fears, the person needs to make regular affirmations about the change. 

To read more about how Grandma's experiences may have influenced who you are, here are a few interesting articles.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Round Towers of Ireland

The Round Towers of Ireland have been an enigma for centuries. Many researchers have mused that the towers were built by early Christian monks to be used for a variety of purposes; relic storage, belfries, lookout towers or even sanctuaries from raiders. While Christian monks may have utilized these towers for their own intents and purposes, the towers' true purpose may have been far from what modern day researchers believe.

Let's begin by looking at their construction. The round towers are built using a double wall method. This building style was common in ancient Rome but the Romans never made it to Ireland. At least no evidence has been found of Roman habitation in Ireland. The mortar used to hold the stones together is also of Roman design - a mixture of sand, lime, horsehair, and oxblood. A recipe not far from modern day mortar mixes but much stronger.

The stones are not always from local sources. All the towers which have been studied are constructed from paramagnetic stone.