Monday, March 13, 2017

While you were away....

Oops! Guess you weren't the one was me!

It has been an awfully long time since I have had a free minute to sit down and write a post. You see, I started working full time last summer. An opportunity arose and I took it. I have worked off-n-on in the automotive industry for most of my life. My first real job was in a repair shop and now I am back in a similar environment. I mask cars that are ready for a new paint job. Many people consider it to be tedious work but I enjoy it. It gives me time to ponder things and is an outlet for some of my creativity. I cover the parts of the car which are not to be painted with masking paper and plastic. May sound simple but speed and precision are required. Speed is something that has come with experience, even though I am not as fast as some younger people, my precision is good and makes up for the (lack of) speed. 
an example of a car masked and ready for paint.
image source
Working in this environment is dirty and can be stressful at times. I don't mind the dirt and dust. But the stress has been an adjustment. New personalities to adapt to, so many aches and pains at the end of the day, the 'mad rush' to get cars painted and out on time and a serious lack of free time.
Hubby and I share the chores and meal preparations. We still go on our weekend hikes as the weather allows. And we still are working towards a simpler way of life. We have continued to downsize by selling or bartering what we have for what we need for the mountain residence. At this point we only need windows, a door and of course materials for the building. And building materials do seem to show up at the most unexpected times. Also, we have purchased a vintage camp trailer to live in while we build our cabin. Once we move into the cabin full-time, we will give the trailer a make-over for the guest(s) who will undoubtedly come to visit.

I miss my writing. And often find myself talking like I write....
I miss my creating. While masking cars is a bit creative, it is nothing like bringing something to life from bits and bobs. I have been getting rid of my art supplies. Living in a small space does not allow a person to 'hoard' much. And I want to concentrate on only a few things - like sculpting and sketching. So most everything that doesn't have to do with those has been put on the sell/barter list.
I miss my research. Having a short amount of free time has made me become more selective about what I read and from who. (I read on my lunch break)
A new grandbaby was born recently. Zaviar Alexander. The delivery doctor has said he is somewhat of a miracle. The umbilical cord was twisted like a pretzel and had only one artery instead of the normal two. The doctor said that most babies with those conditions in the womb are born premature and underweight. Zaviar went full term and weighed in at 9lbs. 3oz.! 

Spring has come early here. The trees all have expanding buds and it won't be long before the leaves are popping out. The cycle of life continues.....