Friday, January 30, 2015

Roadtrip ~ Dinosaur Resource Center

Hubby has been working on strengthening his muscles and improving his stride, so we decided to take a roadtrip. Since it is January, and there is snow on the ground, we felt that an outdoor hike might be out of the question. An indoor adventure was needed! So we decided to get up close and personal with some dinosaurs!

The Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center is a privately owned paleontology lab located in Woodland Park. The building, which encompasses 20,000 sq. ft., houses both a working lab and a museum. 

A Field Team will spend the summer somewhere in the Great Plains looking for and excavating fossils of creatures that lived in what was once a great ocean. And while the majority of the fossils are of marine life, land dwelling dinosaurs are also found. 

After the fossils are then brought back to the paleo lab where they are taken out of their rock shrouds. Some of the fossils are kept. Others are purchased by museums or educational facilities.

"Stan", the T-Rex, oversees the comings and goings of the museum.

The collection of marine fossils is quite large. And it's enough to make a person not want to get in the water! Remember, the Coelacanth was once thought to be extinct.

The paleo lab techs can be seen working in the lab through a glass wall. Since we were there on a Saturday, only the 'skeleton crew' was seen.

The RMDRC is best known for their molds and fossil casts and the company produces a 'catalog of dinosaurs' for purchase. Museums from around the world go to RMDRC for many of their display specimens.

This is a great place to see if you are ever in the area. It is very family friendly with a large children's inter-active area which is as much fun for adults as it is for children!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Physics of Magic ~ Love, Prayer & Manifesting

painting by Jenny Dixon
Last week I wrote about Subtle Energy Fields, Universal Energy, and changing our reality with our thoughts (manifesting). I wrote about how our thoughts can tap into the Universal Energy and interact with the Subtle Energy field and create or change our reality. I also wrote how everything in our world is made up of energy - and because we are made up of energy, we are always in motion or vibrating.

Thoughts and words have power. We often hear quotes and sayings about 'watch your words' or 'watch what you say' or 'don't give that thought a breathe of life'. There's truth in all of those sayings. Different words and thoughts have different vibrations. The stronger the emotion behind the word or thought, the stronger the likelihood that the word or thought will become real.
In 2002, we lived in Louisiana. Our house was about 20 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. On October 1st, a hurricane developed in the Atlantic. It was named Lili. By the time Lili entered into the Gulf of Mexico on Oct. 2nd, it had strengthened to a category 4  hurricane with wind speeds between 130mph -156mph. That kind of wind velocity can blow over a house with ease. Southern Louisiana is very religious - mainly Catholic. So when Hurricane Lili strengthened, the people of southern Louisiana prayed. They prayed that the hurricane would spare them from a vicious onslaught of destruction. By the time Hurricane Lili made its way to shore, it had weakened to a category 1. There was still extensive damage, but the majority was to power poles and trees.  What caused such rapid weakening? At the time, meteorologists were a bit baffled by the sudden decrease in strength - reports now say that cooler water, drier air and vertical wind sheers combined to sap the energy from the storm - but could that combination really 'deflate it' so rapidly as in a matter of a few hours? Maybe. But I know several thousand, if not million, people who will say otherwise. Did the combined energy of the prayers of these thousand(s) people 'take the wind out of Hurricane Lili's sails' ? I say "Yes!" 

Prayers are no more than positive affirmations, positive thoughts that are sent out into the Cosmos to connect with the Universal Energy source. Each and every religion has their own way of 'praying' - it doesn't matter if it is in a church praying to a god, or in the woods speaking with a spirit of nature, or imbuing a candle with positive affirmations and letting those thoughts out to reach a beloved deity as the candle burns - they are all performing the same act. Trying to manifest a change in reality by connecting with a higher and more powerful force.

 A young girl was depressed because her parents were unemployed. The family had been living with the grandparents. The girl's parents had been looking for work for quite some time but the economy was bad and jobs were few and far between. Her parents needed jobs so that the family could move into a place of their own. The little girl was told to say every morning and every time a dark hopeless thought came into her head, 'My parents will find good jobs which will allow us to move into our home.' The little girl said this every morning, every night and every time a dark depressing thought came into her head. And within two weeks, her father had a job and within a month they had their own place to live.
The little girl not only spoke these words but she truly believed in them. The love she felt for her parents and her sibling was evident in the way she spoke the words, the way in which she let the Universe know her need and in the trust she placed in the Universe to fulfill her need. Her Intent was clear, strong and filled with Love.

The Intent which gives the word or thought or phrase life is everything! Words which are spoken with love or thoughts which come from a place of love have more power than those which are casually cast about.  This is why it is so very important to choose your words wisely not only when speaking but also when manifesting. Love causes everything it touches to vibrate at a higher frequency thus bringing it closer to the Source or Universal Energy field. Which in turn assists in the manifestation of the thought. The vibrational energy of not only the person but the words will combine to give the plea/prayer/spell strength and reality. Witches will combine herbs, colors, words in a spell to be bring about change. They are utilizing the combined strength of the items to connect with Universal Energy. When we are able to tap into the Universal Energy, we also connect with the Subtle Energy Field and cause atoms to manifest into reality.

Next week, I'll write about Visualization and Manifesting as well as Personal Energy or Chi. And as always, I welcome comments, questions and suggestions.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Physics of Magic ~ Quantum Physics Basics

I am no scientist. Especially a Quantum Physics Scientist! 
I am going to try and explain Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics, and Quantum Everything Else as simply as I can and as I understand it. 
Please feel free to add your thoughts in the comments below!

Everything is made up of atoms. From Us to water to soil to the chair you're sitting in. These atoms are made up of smaller particles called protons, electrons, neutrons [we'll call them t(r)ons]. But the atoms still have empty space in them despite the "t(r)ons". In fact atoms are 99% empty space.  (discovered by Lord Rutherford in 1913)  But, this empty space is not really empty. Scientists think that the empty space in an atom is filled with an electrical field or as I like to call it, a Subtle Energy Field

We also know that atoms are always moving. Always vibrating. But different things will vibrate at different rates or frequencies. Thus everything we know is made up of Energy in Motion or Vibrational Energy.

Atoms are made of neutrons, protons, electrons. But what are those 't(r)ons' made of? Smaller particles called fermions & bosons.  And fermions & bosons are made up of quarks & leptons. In Quantum Theory (I use the term loosely) fermions & bosons combine to make protons & neutrons which make up everything on our planet. What causes the fermions & bosons to become the the item or thing that it needs to be? What source or energy tells fermions & bosons to materialize in a specific shape? The 'God Particle' or Higgs Boson. This is an energy field which permeates our world, our universe. This energy field connects us all. I like to call this energy field Universal Energy

In 1801, Scientist Thomas Young developed an experiment that showed that subatomic particles [t(r)ons] are waves of energy except when they are observed or measured, then they are particles. A particle, simply by being observed or interacted with, can change from an energy wave to matter. AND that particle can some how know what the observer is expecting to see. Thus, by a person's sheer thought, an energy wave can manifest into being.

It is also through thoughts that a person can access the Universal Energy Field which connects everything and bring about changes. Dr. William A. Tiller has spent many years experimenting with the abilities of human intentions. He and his team have been able to change the pH of water over great distances by only the use of human thought and intentions. Dr. Tiller proposes that there are two levels of reality. The first is the world we experience with our five senses. The other occurs within the 'empty' area around atoms. This second reality is the area where our thoughts tap into Universal Energy, interact with the Subtle Energy Field and changes are made to our physical reality (manifesting).

Hopefully, I haven't lost you. We had to get some basic Quantum information out of the way before we could get into the good stuff!  Next week I'm going to write about first hand experiences of Thoughts changing reality, Love, Prayer (really?) and other manifesting. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Physics of Magic ~ Foreword

Magic. It can be defined as the power or ability to influence events by using a mysterious or supernatural force.

Magic has always fascinated me. My very first spell made me want to know how it worked. What made it happen? What was the unseen force which worked that which was bidden? 

I wondered why the spells worked sometimes but not all the time. Why would there be such a difference if the spell had been done exactly the same every time - same time of day, same moon phase, same spell components? What part did plants, color, candles, knots, or even the moon play in this mystical working?

I searched and read and ask questions. I ran up against brick walls, dead ends, and "Really? Magic is all rubbish!". But I continued searching. I began to explore other mysteries - Ley Lines, Ancient Monuments, Beliefs and Practices of Ancient or Indigenous People - hoping I would find a morsel somewhere that might take me down the path to further enlightenment.

My break through came one day when Hubby and I were talking about Gomez. Yes, my Gomez, the Intrepid Blogger. Gomez had an uncanny way of knowing when Hubby and I were getting frisky. How did Gomez know? It didn't matter if we were ever so quiet, behind closed doors, or even outside of the house, Gomez would find us. I knew that Cats, other animals as well, were intuitive and were able to 'tune-in' to their owners. But what was it that enabled these animals to 'tune-in' like they did?

Then I read an article about vibrations and frequency.  Something in this article resonated (*giggle* get it?) with me. At last I felt like I was on the right track.

***This series will be published every Tuesday***

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Thursday, January 8, 2015

It's Census Time!

It's time to do a head count. Not of blog readers or people living in a specific state or country but of Faeries! 

The Fairy Investigation Society is collecting data on sightings and beliefs. Click Here to submit your answers!

The Fairy Investigation Society website is a wealth of information about sightings, beliefs, books, and news. 
***Gnomes are welcome too! ***

Monday, January 5, 2015

AdAmAn Club

Hubby and I welcomed in the New Year sitting in his truck on a ridge looking at Pikes Peak, in below zero temperatures, nursing cups of hot chocolate. What were we doing there you ask? We were waiting for a very unique celebration of the New Year. Fireworks shot from the top of Pikes Peak.

In 1922, five 'Frozen Friends', deciding that the New Year's Eve celebrations in Colorado Springs were too normal and mundane,  trekked to the top of Pikes Peak and shot off fireworks to welcome in the new year.

These five friends decided to do this every year thereafter and formed The Pikes Peak AdAmAn Club. (said with a short a sound: Ad-A-mAn or Add-A-mAn) Only one new member is allowed to join each year.  I admire these men for their dedication to this tradition. Especially because they could drive to the top of Pikes Peak.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Real Sharp City Maps

***enlarge the pics for a close-up of the items used to make the various city maps**

Lower Manhattan

San Francisco

Vatican City

Washington DC


Friday, January 2, 2015

Welcoming a New Year!

A new month and a new year is staring at me from the calendar on the wall. January 2015.  I have yet to pencil in the already growing number of commitments, appointments, and deadlines. I think I'll just put them in my day-timer and keep the calendar clean. It looks better that way.

This month finds me now a contributing writer for the Imramma magazine. Click here! I'm excited about this new journey. I will be writing a column from the Crone's perspective. Funny. I never really thought of myself as a Crone. I never really wanted to think of myself as a Crone. But we all reach that point sooner or later. And I have to say, it's not too bad. I now get senior discounts, though if I was carded, I probably wouldn't but graying hair does have it's advantages. And I have reached an age where I don't really care how people take something I say nor do I care what people think of me. If you know me, then you know my quirks and love me for them anyway. **wink-wink** 
So expect some "Cronish" sorts of posts here every so often.

This new month also brings about a minor make-over here at The CCC. I freshened my pages section (still a bit of a work-in-progress) along with dusting off the sidebars. I also plan on starting a new series about "The Physics of Magic" - where science meets the esoteric. I feel that understanding the 'how' might help with the actual process. Knowledge should be shared. Not kept hidden away in a dark broom closet.

So hang on folks! We should have some fun this year!