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Just had to share this with all of you! I love what these parents have come up with to keep the magic and enchantment alive for their kids! {{Thanx Tracy!}} Click Here to read more!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Crystalline Art

Rainbow Church - 26ft high glass window made from 500 crystal prisms
Spider's Thread Chair - A Crystal Chair, which was grown on only 7 threads.
Inspired by the 1918 short story, 
The Spider's Thread 
A Crystalline Rose
Straw Tornado -  made from millions of plastic drinking straws
Swan Lake - a Crystal painting created by the vibration of
Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake, a 6 month work

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

In Memoriam...

The cold November wind buffeted the truck as the couple drove toward their mountain get-away.  All they had been concerned with since buying the property was where to build the cabin, no thoughts had been given to where they were going to place the cemetery.  That task would have to be accomplished this trip. With extremely heavy hearts.

The woman had fretted over burying him there - at their week-end get-away place - she was afraid he'd be lonely.  He had never been a real chummy Feline but he did like the occasional lap when it was cold.  And winter was coming on. 

But the woman's concerns would soon be laid to rest.  As they turned the corner to drive down their road, there was a Stag standing there looking at them.  And in the split second it took the woman to realize that this was a sign from Cerunnos (the Celtic God of the Woods - the God of Life, Animals, Wealth, and the Underworld), the Stag bounded off into the Woods.

The couple parked at the end of the driveway, fearful the snow and slush might cause problems later.  As they began the walk down the drive, another sign awaited their discovery.  A sign letting the woman know that their much loved Kitty would not be alone. Bobcat tracks could clearly be seen in the snow.  The woman knew for certain then that they had made the right decision.  He would have someone to 'pal around with'.   Someone to keep him company. 

May your days be filled with Sun Puddles, Endless Tuna and Saucers of Milk.
Purz and Catnip Dreams...........

Valentino ~ The Great White Hunter

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Above and Beyond

The National Veteran's Art Museum in Chicago has an unusual art exhibit. 

When visitors first enter the museum, they will hear a sound similar to wind chimes. This sound is created by more than 58,000 Dog Tags which have been suspended from fine lines, 1 inch apart, from the ceiling of the two-story atrium.

These Dog Tags represent the men and women who died in the Vietnam War. This 10 ft x 40 ft sculpture was designed by Ned Broderick and Richard Stein.
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Phantom Canyon ~ pt.2

Phantom Canyon road was originally built in 1892 and two years later a narrow gauge railroad was built over the roadbed. The railroad hauled coal and supplies to the mining camps of Cripple Creek and Victor and brought gold ore back down the mountain for refining. There were 12 stations along the route to service these trains. Evidence of some of the stations can still be seen while others are lost to elements.

What remains of a water tower 
Lone Telegraph Pole
In 1912 a flash flood with a wall of water 30ft high swept down the canyon, damaging tracks, bridges and dwellings. The railroad was rebuilt at a higher level but its life was short-lived. The tracks were dismantled in 1915 and by 1918, the road was opened once again to vehicle traffic.

Only remaining steel bridge from the Florence and Cripple Creek Railroad 
The origins of the name, Phantom Canyon, are unknown. It might have been simply a marketing campaign on behalf of the railroad or it might have been from the shadows cast by the ginormous rocks which can be found in the canyon. In any case, it was a beautiful drive.

Even though we took this trip at the end of September, there wasn't much color to the trees. Large green patches would be next to trees that had already dropped their leaves. But the few bright spots of color did make us exclaim, "There is Gold in them thar hills!"

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Road Trip ~ Phantom Canyon, pt. 1

When Hubby and I took our annual Autumn road trip to view the changing of the leaves, we took the road unexplored. We decided to head to the high country by way of the Phantom Canyon Road, an old railroad route which ran from Florence to Cripple Creek. This road is now part of the Gold Belt Tour - a scenic road tour to the Gold Belt area of Cripple Creek.

We drove south around the base of Cheyenne Mountain (remember, it's the home of the Stargate!) towards the town of Florence. Florence is located near the Arkansas River and began its life as a railroad depot. Later it was home to the mills that processed the gold ore which was brought down from the gold mines in the Cripple Creek/Victor area.

Not far from the edge of Colorado Springs, we saw a place that went on our "must see" bucket list. May Natural History Museum, one of the world's largest private displays of giant tropical insects and arachnids. Sounds interesting!

The terrain leading into the Arkansas River Valley was dry and populated with cactus and sage brush. It was also quite expansive. It never ceases to amaze me, the force with which water can move and sculpt a landscape. It is not far from here that the Royal Gorge resides. Another item on our Road Trip Bucket List.

Phantom Canyon Road is a fairly well maintained dirt road which runs for 30 miles and climbs almost 4000ft. in elevation. The roadbed, often only wide enough for one car, follows Eightmile Creek and was built by hand! Some of the original stonework which helped to build up the roadway, can still be seen. I am continually amazed at not only the ingenuity but the perseverance of the pioneers.

There are two tunnels along the route. Both hewn out of solid granite. Soot from the railroad's engine can still be seen on the tunnels' roof.

Tunnel #1
Tunnel #2
Soot on ceiling of tunnel 
I will conclude our trip up Phantom Canyon on Thursday, November 7th. 
So Don't Touch That Dial!
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