Sunday, November 30, 2014

Monday, November 24, 2014

Cat Tales ~ Book Recommendation

Since Daddy has been home, Me and Daddy have been watching a lot of tv. We try to watch a lot of educational shows like - Family Feud, Price is Right, Jeopardy. But one of Our fav shows is Big Bang Theory. Me likes Penny. Me would lay on her lap any day! Meowzahs!

Me & Daddy watch the morning news shows too. A few days ago Me saw a story about a Cat named Yoda. The book, Yoda: the story of a Cat and His Kittens, tells the tale of a rescue cat adopted by the purrfectly lovely Beth Stern and how the kittens she fosters helped save his life. 

Me knew how special Us Kittys really are! The vet doc has said that Daddy is healing quite rapidly. Daddy's already starting to put weight on his leg and Daddy plans on being able to walk with a cane in a very short time.

Purz and Catnip Dreams.......Gomez

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mor-Bee-d Art

{{thanx Debra! for the tip. I used a play on words for the title 'cause these are just a tad mor-beed!}}

Friday, November 21, 2014

I'd Rather See the Vet!

Hubby is doing much, much better. thank you to everyone for your thoughts and well wishes! They are greatly appreciated!
Hubby fell in the driveway, landed hard on an uneven edge of concrete and broke his femur close to his hip. 
I am grateful to the rapid response of the EMTs.
I am grateful for the wonderful, compassionate care given in the Emergency Room.
I am ever so grateful for the fabulous orthopedic surgeon who performed the surgery.
I am grateful for the care given by the caring, compassionate nurses.

I won't mention the nurses who acted like they were being put-out because they had to see to the needs of a patient. (SHAME ON YOU!)
I won't mention the over-zealous insurance rep who was a royal pain in the tush for the duration of the hospital stay and who (IMO) badgered the patient when the patient wasn't even in the right frame of mind to make a decision.. (SHAME ON YOU!)

"If a person is in the medical profession to make a lot of money, then they are in the wrong line of work! A person should pursue a medical career because they want to help people." 
(a paraphrased quote I recently heard on tv)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Cat Tales ~ Daddy Update

Daddy is home and resting. Me has Mes warm lap back. Daddy said that Mes purring is helping with the healing. Me always knew Me was special!
This is what Daddy's leg looks like now. Looks to Me as if Daddy is now Bionic! He really will need that Super Heroes cape! Maybe Mommy will make Me one.....

Purz and Catnip Dreams.......Gomez

Sunday, November 16, 2014

3-B Art

and a host of Bees

Monday, November 10, 2014

Cat Tales ~ OH NOs!

Daddy & Me
Me is his Sidekick
Daddy got hurt yesterday. Mommy said he is at the vet doctor place. He has to stay there for a little while. Mommy is very sad and Me and the other Kittys don't like seeing her like that. Me tried to offer her a bit O'Nip but Mommy said she didn't feel like it. Please send warm healing thoughts to make Daddy better. Me misses his warm lap.

Purz and Catnip Dreams.......Gomez

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Weird Wednesday ~ Turn off Aging

image source
Scientists at the Salk Institute have discovered an on/off switch for aging. Cells in our bodies are constantly dividing and replenishing our body parts. But most human cells cannot divide indefinitely. Each has a 'timekeeper', called a telomere, at the end of the chromosomes which shortens as division occurs. When this telomere becomes too short, then division ceases.
But some cells produce an enzyme called a telomerase which rebuilds telomeres and allows cells to continue to divide. Controlling the telomerase enzyme would allow for control of cancer cells (which rely on high levels for rapid cell division) or to help control aging or even to help regenerate injured parts of the body.

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Cat Tales ~ Kitty Expressways

Me has heard Mommy & Daddy talking about the building plans for the New Home. Me decided to add Mes 2 scoops worth.
First, Me told Daddy We Kittys needed a Catwalk like the one below.

Me even told Daddy he didn't have to make it, there is a company that builds & sells them. LINK
Daddy said he would 'think about it'. Me knows what that means!
Mommy said that the Cabin wouldn't be big enough for something like that so Mommy showed Me another picture of a Catwalk.

Mommy said that this Catwalk is more like what she had in mind for Us Kittys. Mommy pointed out how comfy the Kitty in the pic is. (I think Mommy just said that cause the Kitty in the picture looks like Mes)
Then Me heard Daddy & Mommy talk about making an 'Expressway' between the Cabin and the Tipi. So We Kittys could get to the Tipi in the Winter to catch Vermin. (There Mommy goes again talking about Vermin!)
Something like this, only it would be on the ground -

Daddy liked the idea. And He said he would be sure to include windows in the Expressway. Mommy said that Daddy needed to include access panels so Mommy could clean up the Kitty Urp. She didn't want a Hairball to prevent one of Us Kittys from "doing our job" as Vermin Catchers. Mommy must've had a little Nip in her coffee this morning!

Purz and Catnip Dreams.......Gomez

Sunday, November 2, 2014