Monday, December 21, 2015

Cat Tales ~ Meowy Xmas

From Mes Humble Castle to Yours, May You Be Blessed With The Best of Everything This Holiday Season.

Purz and Catnip Dreams.......Gomez

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

How do You Sense Color?

What sense do you use when interacting with a color? Your eyes? Your ears? Or maybe even your sense of smell?
Most humans utilize their sense of sight when a color is involved. But did you know that Dogs can smell color? And Bats can hear color? And there are some humans who can feel color.
But how is this possible you ask?
It is my belief that everything in this world is made up of vibrational energy. Different people, animals, and inanimate objects vibrate at different frequencies. This would also include color. Different colors have different densities and will vibrate at different frequencies. 
Many species have evolved specific senses in order for them to survive. Bats have a highly developed sense of hearing to enable them to locate insects or other edible objects in the dark. When bats use echolocation, they are discerning the difference between something edible and something which isn't edible by the way the sound waves bounce off the object. If their sense of hearing is that acute, then who is to say that they are not able to tell the difference between colors? There is a blind man who is able to use clicking sounds to find his way around in the world.  
Dogs have a highly developed sense of smell and hearing. They 'smell' in color. Because they utilize all their senses when observing their world, they have associated certain smells with certain items. Humans have a tendency to do the same thing though we do not think of it as 'smelling color'. When you take a deep breathe in late Spring, what do you smell? There is a freshness in the air which we humans often associate with the color green. Dogs have taken this talent to an extreme level.
Blind artists are often able to discern the difference between colors simply by feeling them. Different colors will have different textures because of the pigments used to give them their distinctive hue. 
Try utilizing ALL your sense when experiencing the world. You might be surprised with what you discover!