Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Do You Have an STD?

No, I’m not referring to that kind of STD. I’m referring to a Spiritually Transmitted Disease. Yes, there is such a thing. Though it may not necessarily be found in a medical journal.
Spiritually Transmitted Diseases are very real and come in a variety of forms. While these diseases can affect a person’s life, they can be cured and a person can get back on track with their spiritual development. Let’s take a look.
1. Chosen Ones - People afflicted with this have the mentality that they and/or their group are spiritually superior to all others. They feel that the path which they are on is the only path, all other faiths are false. There are a myriad of spiritual paths which can be traveled. And truly spiritual people will not condemn another’s path or beliefs. A person needs to follow that which resonates with them. If a person wishes to join a spiritual group, then that person should look into the true thoughts and beliefs of both the members and the leaders.
2. Spiritual Mimics – This is a person who acts like those who are further along on the path to enlightenment. A Spiritual Mimic will talk, act and even dress as a Spiritual Master would, but a Mimic hasn’t been through the training or teaching or soul searching. Mimics will do this for various reasons – laziness, feeling that the schooling isn’t necessary for them or simply because they feel the need to belong. Mimics do themselves a disservice by skipping the ‘hard stuff’.
3. Fast Track Spirituality – Becoming a truly spiritual person takes time. A person can’t ‘read all the books’, ‘see all the movies’, ‘hear all the lectures’ and expect to become enlightened. Following a spiritual path is a continued evolution of the soul. A person will encounter both the good and the bad. The tough times help a person better understand themselves and helps them grow spiritually. Anything worth having takes time.
4. Spiritualized Ego – When a person obtains too much information and doesn’t do the necessary introspective work, they begin to think they have attained spiritual enlightenment. That person then feels superior because of the abundance of facts and information they know, but they lack the knowledge and the wisdom necessary to progress on their path, let alone instruct others.
5. Fluffball Spirituality – This is the refusal to deal with the negative emotions and thoughts which a person will experience in any given day. These people do not like to think, or talk, about Life’s harsh realities. These people simply do not acknowledge that there is anything bad or evil. This refusal to acknowledge the darkness which in-veritably occurs in the world is also reflected in how they deal with their own dilemmas. The dark days help us grow as individuals. It also teaches how to take charge of a situation and turn it around into something positive.
While they are all different, these STD’s also all share similar traits. And they can all be detrimental to a person’s spiritual path. Remember, anything in Life worth having is worth taking the time to do right. Empires weren’t built over night and their is no escalator on the road to enlightenment.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Power of Words

What we say can define us. It can also define our world. Words have immense power. Not only because of the frequency at which they vibrate when spoken but because they have the power to create or demolish. Have you ever heard the phrase, 'don't give a breath of life to something by speaking of it'? There is more truth to that statement than one might imagine. When words are spoken out loud, they help the energy around them to manifest.

Let's begin by looking at how you Think. Are you always berating yourself? Or do give yourself little pep talks and mental pats on the back? The tone in which we think not only impacts our words but also influences our actions. Consciously thinking of what we want to say before it is spoken can help change a person's tone of thinking. When we change our thought patterns in a positive way, we soon get a lilt to our step and a smile on our face.

How do you use Spoken Words? Do you speak using positive words in positive tones? Or are the words can't, don't, and won't used quite often? What we say not only defines us as a person but defines how other people interact with us. When we frequently use words with negative tones, our way of thinking will reflect those words. We can become depressed which can lead to much worse things. Or we become the person that no one wants to be around because of our negative attitude. Then there are those that lash out at others using the very same negative words. If we use positive words, we will find happiness, love, and joy entering our lives. Children and those who are sensitives are especially affected by spoken words and the power they carry.

The Written Word is the most powerful. It has the power of longevity. We must not be frivolous when using the written word, for its power can last through generations and eons of time. The written word can educate and enlighten those who choose to look between the pages of the tomes. The written word can find its way through the webs and sieves of those who would constrain it. The written word can heal wounds both seen and unseen.

Words and how they are used can be even more important when manifesting. Imagine a word as a note, a sentence as a song and a story is a symphony. Imagine yourself as a composer of music when composing a spell. The words should flow together as notes flow into one another in a song. The vibration of each word impacts the ability of that thought to manifest into reality. When penning a desire to paper, follow not only your gut but your ear. Does it 'sound' right? Do the words seem to 'fit' together? The color of the words written down also have an impact on the manifestation being sought. The vibrations of the different colors influence the vibrations of the words, either helping or hindering the energy in manifesting. Be mindful of the color of the paper upon which the words are written. To add a bit more power to the spell, coordinate the color of the paper and the color of the pen or pencil with the thought which you desire to manifest.

Not only are, "We Are What We Eat". But "We Are What We Think, Say, and Write."

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Friday, June 12, 2015

Maintaining High Vibrations

The higher a person's vibration or frequency is the happier and healthier that person will be. Getting there & maintaining a high vibration can be hard in today's society. We are constantly bombarded by negative images and information - listening to or reading the news, stress at work, well-intended friends or relatives, even life's little occurrences can cause a cloud of doom and gloom to descend upon us. 

Let's begin our path to a higher vibration at home. 
  • ·         Clearing away clutter prevents negative energy from lingering.
  • ·         Perhaps re-arranging the furniture is in order. Reference a Feng Shui book so that energy may flow easier. 
  • ·         Open the windows to allow air movement through your home - thus allowing positively charged air to push out any negative energy.
  • ·         Burn a candle - the flame of the candle will clear out the negative.
  • ·         Bring houseplants into the home, they will help neutralize the bad energy/vibrations. If you feel you have a brown thumb, there are quite a variety of plants to choose from, consult with someone knowledgeable and have them guide you towards the 'almost' indestructible flora. 

Now let's tend to you. We are our own worst enemy. We can sabotage ourselves and not even know it.
  • ·         Wake up in a good mood - even during the week when the prospect of work is looming. Not everyone in the world has a job or even has the luxuries we have. Being grateful for what we have does a lot to raise one's frequency.
  • ·         Meditate - this very process has been shown to help with so many problems. Students in school who meditate are more apt to get good grades and help others. Meditation can improve not only mental attitude but also physical well-being.
  • ·         Be kind to others, and not just people. We are all so connected on this earth that an ill spoken statement or mean act can cause more harm than good.  
  • ·         Get plenty of rest and exercise. Exercising, besides keeping you in good shape, releases endorphins (hormones secreted within the brain). Endorphins makes us happy.
  • ·         Eat well. I'm not referring to filet mignon and caviar. But to organically produced food - processed food and GMO's can have a detrimental effect not only the body but also on a person’s attitude.
  • ·         Surround yourself with people who support you and who have the same or higher vibration. Higher vibrations are contagious and will help raise the vibrations of those who encounter them.
  • ·         Get out into Nature. Studies have proven that being in Nature for even short periods of time can reduce stress and bring about a more 'in the moment' train of thought.
  • ·         Hold your head up & shoulders back (remember when your mom said to stand up straight?) How you present yourself can have an impact on not only on yourself but how others perceive you.
  • ·         Look people in the eye when you interact with them. Give firm handshakes - even if you are a woman. These small things will give yourself a boost of confidence and make people feel more confident in what you have to tell them.
And lastly we shall tackle the work environment. Here a person is more limited as to what they can and can't do. So you may have to be a bit creative. 
  • ·         Before heading to work every day, visualize yourself (and know deep down) that you will have a good day. The simple act of visualizing your intention can have a positive effect of your day.
  • ·         Try to limit your exposure to office drama, gossip, and politics.
  • ·         Keep a smile on your face and a positive attitude. This does more to 'derail' those on the negative thought train. Leave your place of work altogether at lunch, if possible. Just the change in scenery can do wonders to improve a mood and relieve stress.
  • ·         Spend your breaks daydreaming. The change in 'scenery' even if in your mind has a positive effect.
  • ·         Don't take anything personally and admit when you are wrong. Few people anymore will admit to an error but none of us are perfect and mistakes will happen. Admit it and go on. This release allows room for more positive things to happen in your life. 
  • ·         If possible, personalize your space so you will feel more comfortable. When you are comfortable, you are calmer and vibrations are higher level.

A slow implementation of change is usually best. It is easier to incorporate new things into a routine if they are done a few at a time. This also allows a person to see what works for them and what doesn't.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Honoring Our Mothers

Mother’s Day is a holiday celebrated world-wide, though on various different dates. It is a time to honor and show our love for our mother. But in truth, we all have many mothers.
We are all a compilation of the Mothers who came before us – our mother, our mother’s mother, and her mother and so on. It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman, the Mothers who came before all had a hand in the making of who we are today. But a mother isn’t always someone who is related by blood but can be someone who nurtured you or had a great influence on your life. And thus, that woman’s mothers will also have become a part of you.
We possess all the knowledge of the women who helped shape us. This knowledge can manifest in our intuitions, our thoughts, our feelings, our dreams. It is part of our very essence and while it may be buried deep within our souls, we may access it through meditation and dream work.
Even the Goddess(es) who we revere are present in our being as well as the Goddess(es) of the women who came before. Brigid, the Earth Goddess or Morrighan, the Goddess of War from Celtic lore. Freya the Goddess of Abundance or Frigga the Goddess of Marriage of Norse origins. Or perhaps the Goddesses of your past are Venus, Isis, or Athena. We honor that connection, that remembrance, with an altar or shrine.  

While we all feel especially connected with a specific woman or deity, Gaia is the mother of all. We connect with her every day; with every drink of water, every bite of food we eat, and every breath we take. Our connection with Gaia is essential to a happy, healthy life. We need to feel her heartbeat, to connect with her life giving essence in order to feel complete and whole. 

Our mothers wanted us to be happy and healthy and to lead a life filled with laughter and love. And what better way to honor this than by loving ourselves. The love of self is not an ego-oriented love but one which connects us to the Divine. We should all embrace each phase of the journey of our womanhood, from Maiden to Mother to Crone. We all have a part to play in the creation of our world. We are needed to nurture and love and embrace those of the world who are in need. We need to pass on the knowledge and beliefs to the next generation lest it be forgotten.

A special ritual held at this time incorporates a white candle, an empty bowl and a handful (or two) of small stones or marbles. Light the candle while meditating on the divine feminine. As the candle burns, place a stone (or marble) into the bowl for each woman who has filled your life with knowledge, love, and laughter. While doing this, speak a short affirmation for each woman. Don’t forget to retain a stone for yourself. And speak an affirmation for yourself. Because we all are the embodiment of the Divine Feminine. We all have the wisdom, power and mystique of the Women and Goddesses of yore.