Monday, July 2, 2018

Fire! ~ pt.1

It's that time of year that many people look forward to - Summer. While it can be fun and relaxing for most folks. There are those out there that do not look forward to the hot, dry days which Summer can bring. Especially those people who live in areas that can be affected by wildfire.
This Summer has been a long, hot, dry, windy affair here in Colorado. Emphasis on the hot, dry, windy part. Rain has been sparse and the grasses and trees are showing extreme signs of stress. These conditions are perfect for wildfires to ignite and spread quickly. Smelling smoke and seeing the gorgeous Rockies through a haze quickly becomes the norm.
The 416 Fire by Durango started our Wildfire Season. Then the Spring Fire in the San Luis Valley burst into life, followed by many others. And I have only mentioned a few of the numerous fires around our lovely state.
The cause of the 416 Fire is unknown at this time. It has burned over 49,000 acres and is only 37% contained. The cause of the Spring Fire was a human. No excuse for that! It is still raging with a mere 5% containment and over 50,000 acres burned. And hundreds of people have been evacuated.
The latest fires in Colorado are closer to home. The Weston Pass Fire burning south of Fairplay is just a bit over 6,000acres and caused by lightning. The Chateau Fire, west of Cripple Creek, is now at 1300+acres and is at 0% containment. 

All the above photos are of the Chateau Fire.

I am going to write about the Chateau Fire because this writer and her hubby are directly affected. Our little cabin and the gorgeous land and magnificent trees are being impacted. You see, the fire is currently on the second ridge directly to the east of our place. Literally knocking on our door. Our place was in the initial evacuation zone. Rumors of human cause have been whispered of but no confirmation has been given. And a true investigation cannot begin until the fire is out. While our cabin is not our primary residence, our worry is still there and very real. You see, our property has more than a dozen culturally modified trees on it. Probably more. These trees were modified hundreds of years ago. They are living artifacts of a time and people who we know not much about. They are priceless treasures which cannot be replaced. Yes, they would eventually die. But a natural death is so much better than a brutal loss to something like fire. And the animals which have been displaced, hurt or died...My heart mourns for them.
Map of Chateau Fire. Our area is circled in blue.

Please keep us in your prayers tonight. Some positive affirmations for a quick containment on all fires would be greatly appreciated. ♥

***All information given in this post was current at noon on Monday, July 2, 2018***


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, may those fires be contained, especially the one closest to your cabin and trees! Sending positive thoughts into the universe!

the dogs' mother said...

Be safe and your property be safe. We are
getting, at least, one fire a day, in our area.
Two going right now. And the fourth just around
the corner. Good luck and good thoughts and