Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Fire! ~ pt. 2

This is the map which came out on Saturday evening. The beige is the initial mandatory evacuation zone. Pink was pre-evacuation - some of which is now under mandatory evacuation. The dark red was the initial burn on Friday. The lighter red is where the fire went on Saturday. There wasn't much growth on Sunday because the wind was calmer and the humidity higher.
The fire is believed to have started about 12:30pm on Friday. Deputies were immediately dispatched to the subdivision to knock on doors and warn everyone to get out - cell service is very sparse in this area. Because the winds were so strong and the air and vegetation was so dry, the fire quickly 'blew up'. The situation rapidly grew grim as many deputies and residents were then caught behind the fire line and rescue efforts were begun. Fortunately everyone got out okay and the pets which were at home by themselves were all rescued by the end of the day Saturday. Large animals took longer to evacuate and help was enlisted from as far away as Denver to get them all out. 
This mountain community has been incredible in offering their homes, pastures and any resource they may have to help those in need. It is a shame people can't get along like this when there are no disasters.


the dogs' mother said...

Most folks are good people. Is what gets
me thru some things happening currently.
I have been thru a big fire in an isolated
area with no roads out. Vivid memories all
these years later. Stay safe Colorado!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm glad everyone is safe, pets included! Yes, wildfires can move at incredible speed. I hope things settle down now!